About Equine Cooling Solutions

Stable Cooling specializes in providing a solution to cooling your equine facility.  We can improve environmental factors that can negatively effect your equine’s health and performance.

Our systems introduce a high pressure evaporate cooling mist that provides a comfortable & dry solution to keep your houses safe during summer’s oppressive heat indexes. Stable Cooling is designed for equestrian use, our ability to lower temperatures, reduce flying insect habitation, and improve air quality, have been found essential in creating an environment that is conductive to the long-term health and safety for both horses and their caretakers.

Stable Cooling offers a wide range of cooling applications tailored to meet your facilities specific requirements and budget. Large or small we have the design and products to insure that you can reduce the negative effects of heat stress by providing a cool comfortable environment anywhere your horses are exposed to high temperatures and strenuous activity.

What A Stable Cooling System Can Do For Your Equine Facility


A Stable Cooling system provides an improved environment for long-term care of your horses and your facilities investment.


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